Thursday, September 9, 2010

For you..

What is the one thing that holds us back? What makes us who we are? How do we become what we look at in the mirror? Some might answer 'that's easy, its our mind', others might blame it on influence of others. But what is the right answer? I think it is in fact, as stated before, our minds. What is in our heads? We are. Scaring ourselves into thinking things that could never in a million years come true. And those who learn to control others minds, those are the ones with power. But without our personal consent, they have no power over us. When you think one might be able to hurt you, degrade you, or control you all you need to think is, 'He has no power over me." Because he doesn't. He never will again. I can promise you that. Yes it is in fact true, there are villains in this world and they can hurt you. But never forget, there are also heroes. They are there waiting for you with their hand reached out saying "It's ok, you're safe now." All you have to do is take the hand.