Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Changes We See

The change's of life. Things will come, Things will go. The leaves will change, the snow will fall, and the end will come. That thing which you wish would never have to come, the one that you dream of, and the one you work so hard to prevent. It hurts. It always has and it always will. Happily Ever After. What is happily ever after? Who deserves it? Who actually gets it? I sure hope I do. In those times that we have no place to turn or no one to talk to. Where do we go from there? Why not return to those things we admired as a child? The sleeping Princess being awakened by a handsome Prince. Or imagine scoring the winning run in the World Series. What happened to such happy times? "Growing older is mandatory, Growing up is optional." Who says we can't imagine to fly away? To be the hero that we so badly want to be inside? I don't remember anyone telling me I couldn't use my imagine. So why not. After all, fantasy has always been better than reality. It always will be. Because we always win in fantasies. In the real world, Good doesn't always conquer Evil. But in dreams it can. There is no lose. There is no game over.