Monday, November 8, 2010

The Time Past Spent

The time ticks on, the places all change. We see friends, we see teachers, we see distance from them. Of all the places we go and the people we see. What is it that keeps on continuing on? Is it the jokes that we tell, or the dances we dance? What puts a smile on our faces? Truth is, it matters not what we do to receive our smiles. We don't need to be the best looking, or make everyone laugh. Whether jock or chess club member, we all are the same. We find joy in our own ways. We can dance in the rain, listen to music. We can be with our friends, we can be all alone. But the way that we keep going is looking at the time that we spent. The time with our friends. The time with joy. There are people we lose, and people we gain. They all play a part in the time that's past spent.

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