Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"I've got a secret.
It's on the tip of my tongue,
It's on the back of my lungs.
And I'm gonna keep it.
I know something you don't know."

I do know a secret. I know something that no one else does. It's a pretty good secret if you ask me. I wonder if you are wondering what it is. I might tell you. I might not. You'll probably find out eventually. Actually, I know that you will. 

I have another secret. This one isn't as well kept. The people closest to me know it. They can feel it in my thoughts, and hear it in my voice. They wonder if I still miss you. Of course I do. I think about you quite often in fact. I think that you're doing better though. I'm truly glad about that. 

Every so often though, I slip. I'll say something that people know is about you. I'll say your name on accident instead of someone else's. Because my thoughts still are for you. My curiosities make me wonder about your thoughts. But that's alright. No one really knows the full truth. And I doubt that anyone ever will. That's alright too. Isn't that what secrets are for?

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