Monday, October 22, 2012

They couldn't possibly understand. There is so much that I have to say. So much that I want to say. I wish I had seen you at church on Sunday. But I understand why you didn't want to come. I am so incredible sorry that I didn't get to see you my dear. I wish I had.

I'm glad that you had an alright time though. It sounds like it was nice to see some old friends! I do recognize a few of those names. I'm really sorry that people were asking you things that you didn't want to talk about. I'm really glad that you had Jessica there for you. She's a really great girl. She had a good example ahead of her.

That's so awesome that you got to hang out with Challis for a while! He really is a good guy and it makes me truly happy to hear that he's doing well. I hope that he sticks with it too. He has a good heart and I really am glad that I know him. I've really wanted to watch Once Upon a Time! It looks so good! and to hear you talk about it makes me want to watch it more! Maybe I'll start it soon.

I am so sorry that I had already gone. I wasn't planning on leaving as early as I did, but my roommate came and spent the night at my house and then came to church with me. Right after sacrament they did my Ordination to be a Elder. Then my roommate was leaving because he had a meeting at 130 in Logan, so my dad said to just go with him because he didn't want to have to drive all the way up here. When Zack told me that you were going to come see me my heart dropped. I would have stayed to see you. I would have made my dad drive me. I would have done anything. I'm so sorry.

I know that social networks make things really hard. Every single thing that you say on any of the sites makes me wonder if you're thinking about me. Because I think about you a lot. For what it's worth most of my tweets and stuff are about you. I'm sorry that you saw the post from my friends of Facebook. But believe me when I say that they are simply that. Friends. I actually have friends now! Crazy huh? ;) That was my attempt at comedic relief. You do make me happy friend. You do.

Listen to the voices that are telling you the truth. Because I do love you. I always have. And I always will. If you ever want to call me, do it. I'll always answer. And if for some weird reason I can't, I'll get back to you as soon as physically possible. Don't forget that I love you.

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